PraesumNI Ltd. Delivered Qualification

The NISQ Qualification Pathway

Level 2 – 7

PraesumNI Ltd delivers the NISQ Portfolio of Qualifications which link together into a Matrix of Regulated Qualifications that give Learners a wider choice of both Specialist Security and Security Qualifications. This Matrix of Qualifications forms a Pathway with a range of Qualification choices not available before. learners can enter the Qualification Pathway at an entry level 2, this level affords the learner an overview and introduction to security and the Qualification specialist security disciplines. From this point on the learner has a career choice of progressing to a level 3 Qualification which concentrates on a specific specialist discipline. This choice however does not preclude the learner from moving to a different area of security study on the Qualification Pathway, learners can move to a different discipline and area of study at level 4/Level 5 and this would be encouraged for those in a Supervisory Capacity or entering management. Learners can also enter at the various levels dependent on prior learning and experience, entry criteria for each Qualification must be met.

The NISQ Qualification Portfolio delivered by PraesumNI Ltd. also has Regulated Qualifications built on Modular Choices at Level 6 and level 7. These provide a combination of specialist disciplines to command level, practice and academia, and therefore place a higher demand on the learner. The NISQ Regulated Qualification Pathway delivered by PraesumNI Ltd. provides learners with an interesting, demanding and rewarding Regulated Qualification route, delivered by world renowned experts through PraesumNI Ltd. who have been approved by NISQ as a qualified company to deliver the NISQ Approved Praesum Specialised Security Qualifications through an NISQ Approved Centre.

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The Qualifications delivered by PraesumNI Ltd. in the NISQ Qualification pathway are the level 2 to level 7 component of the Praesum Specialised Security Matrix. This Matrix encompasses a cognate development thread from level 2 – 7 traversing to University Level 8 Certificate, level 8 Higher Diploma and Masters. (currently pending University approval). These University Qualifications build on the cognate understanding developed by the Learner through the NISQ Regulated Qualifications delivered in Level 2 to Level 7. These Qualification Pathways and the linkage between is built upon this cognate understanding and forms a new and exciting way of quantifying and validating Specialist Security Subject Matter experience and expertise in a format not available worldwide, before.

Level 2        NISQ Level 2

Level 3        NISQ Level 3

Level 4        NISQ Level 4

Level 5        NISQ Level 5

Level 6        NISQ Level 6

Level 7        NISQ Level 7