Rationale of Individual Security Disciplines

The NISQ Qualification Portfolio is built upon a Modular Matrix of specialised security and security disciplines, that carefully prepare the learner for deployment/employment while enhancing the Learner experience by providing practical live applications of tradecraft and methodology, complimented by delivering specific high-level academia relevant to the discipline. Lectures are delivered by highly experienced and qualified teachers who have a minimum of twenty years’ experience within their specialised subject matter, this allows the learner to develop from professional discussion and transfer of knowledge. This style of delivery provides the learner a unique opportunity to gain valuable live experience while carrying out varied interesting research to produce evidence that can be assessed and validated by NISQ the Awarding Organisation. This then can be translated into the learners finalised mark and Grade for Certification.

Security Disciplines

Surveillance Qualifications available

The world in which we live remains constantly on the move, from city life to rural communities around the globe, organisations or individuals of interest are continually moving from one location to another. This movement has been assisted by the removal of physical barriers/borders, although in some cases this is changing, but overall the translocation of entire communities is providing innocent concealment to some subversive elements. This combined with the complex mixture of terrorist organisations and serious organised crime the demand for Specialist Surveillance Operators has become prevalent. This common denominator requires recognised and tested tradecraft and methodology that provides conventional surveillance that compliments technical innovations. Through the NISQ Qualification Portfolio the Learner can develop this unique Discipline and skill base, with the demand the learner increasing with each Level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Rural Surveillance Qualifications available

Another Key Discipline for the security specialist is the Rural aspect of surveillance. This Discipline has been developed over the years by various forces and specialist departments and remains an important part of the surveillance remit. Through the NISQ Qualification Portfolio the learner can develop the necessary attributes, tradecraft and methodology to evolve into a Rural Specialist with the demand on the learner increasing with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Close Protection and Strategic Command Qualifications available

Across the Globe there exists a network of security companies providing varying standards in the delivery of Close Protection and Static Security Solutions. Built on the experience gained throughout past and recent terrorist campaigns across varied conditions NISQ has developed Close Protection and Strategic Command. Learners can benefit from both level 4 and level 5 Close Protection Qualifications that will quantify their expertise and management capabilities. The learner can then progress through higher level Qualifications that introduce and combine Strategic Command to the Close Protection Discipline. These Regulated Qualifications better equip the learner to deal with complex operational threats and strategic planning, affording both front -line and non-front-line staff the necessary recognised Regulated Qualifications for their roles. The demand on the Learner will increase with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Public Order Qualifications available

Where ever there is the Rule of Law you will find conflict. Manifesting itself in various forms from peaceful gatherings/events to extremely violent and disorderly groups/crowds. The connection between public/private security actions and “the peoples” reactions is evident. The recent exposed links between crowd gatherings of various sizes and radicalisation, recruitment or terrorist activity, dealing with Crowds and Assemblies appropriately and proportionately is vital. Tactical awareness, tradecraft and methodology are the foundation of this Discipline and building on this is Command and Operational/Strategic Planning. Through the NISQ Qualification Portfolio learners will be able to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding from on the ground operational tactics to Command, dependent on the Level of Qualification undertaken. These Qualifications benefit and better equip learners from both the public and private sectors, with the demand on the Learner will increase with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Intelligent Patrolling (Operational Support Units, Border Patrol).  Qualifications available


This Discipline deals with multiple specialist tradecrafts and methodologies that define the Operator deployed in a number of specialist security and security roles. From the development of a complete specialised support department to the upskilling of security personnel, through the NISQ Qualification Portfolio this discipline can benefit the learner on a variety of levels. The practical specialist skills are complimented by academia relevant to the operational requirements of the learner and users of qualifications. This NISQ Regulated Qualification Discipline will equip the Learner to provide specialist/security/humanitarian support, in both normal and hostile conditions this could be as an operator, supervisor or manager dependent on the level of Qualifications undertaken, the demand on the Learner will increase with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Intelligence Services Qualifications available


This module is restricted to those participating from government services, due to the sensitive material contained within and the methodology it supports.
Throughout the world intelligence has become a necessity and demand for intelligence is growing daily as the global subversive threats develop and become reality. Only with good intelligence can the services exploit circumstances in order to capture and convict those involved in extremist activities and serious criminality. This gathering of intelligence has been developing over the last 40 years and many lessons have been learnt from the Northern Ireland model. From the very basic intelligence gathering techniques to the handling and tasking of sources the transference of these experiences form a strong foundation for the learner to significantly develop as an intelligence operator/director.


Airport / Port Security Qualifications available


Airport and Port Security are now at the forefront of the fight against subversive and organised criminal organisations worldwide. These subversive organisations are well funded and exceedingly resourceful, without good intelligence those providing security at Airports/Ports remain vulnerable alongside those civilians who utilise the facilities. The NISQ Qualification Portfolio combines these Disciplines with new and relevant specialist tradecraft, methodology and relevant academia that will provide the Learner/security operator a wider specialist skill base. This will raise the profile and capabilities of the Airport/Port Security Operator and therefore better equip them to deal with the general public while having the capabilities to deal with both evolving terrorist threats and criminal activity. The NISQ Qualification Portfolio provides learners with the opportunity to progress as an operator, supervisor and manager, dependent on the Qualification Level undertaken, the demand on the Learner will increase with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Safer Schools Security Solutions – P.E.T.S Qualifications available


Unfortunately, one of the emerging security threats we now face as a world community are planned attacks on our educational establishments, their staff, pupils and any supporting infrastructure. Aimed at undermining the legitimacy and authority of the state targeted and intended to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion. NISQ Qualifications Portfolio introduces Regulated Qualifications that combine specific practical methodology suitable for schooling establishments and their staff to adopt. The P.E.T.S system is an all-inclusive based system, all the elements that make up the schooling structures have been incorporated into a series of Qualifications that is applicable to a wide audience of learners including but not limited to ground staff, teaching staff, management, Boards and Pupils. The Learner will benefit from a fresh approach to safer school’s security with specialist tradecraft and methodology adapted from the Specialist Security Sector alongside specific academia for the school’s security sector, the demand on the Learner increasing with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Professional Food Security Solutions Qualifications available


The NISQ Qualification Portfolio also contains a series of Regulated Qualifications dealing with the complex subject of Food Security. The Learner will research all the specific phases of the Food chain, water supply, distribution of goods and apply a variety of specialist security methodology and tradecraft. Learners will be required to look at both direct and indirect threats and create a risk assessed, broader innovative approach for security solutions in the sector. The Learner dependent on the level of Qualification undertaken will be able to provide food security solutions at ground level or Operational/Strategic management. The Security of these sectors cannot be underestimated, and the vulnerability of environmental disturbance is now off National importance. NISQ provides Regulated Qualifications that can quantify the Learners level of expertise, knowledge and understanding within this specialised sector, with the demand on the Learner increasing with each level of Qualification undertaken, entry criteria must be met.


Organised Crime and International Human Rights Qualifications available


Alongside the rising levels of subversive threats is the growing complexity and ever evolving structures of Organised Crime. This area of research allows the learner to make a critical, in-depth and informed analysis of the theories behind serious crime, organised crime, terrorism and on-line crime. It also provides the learner with an introduction to criminology, looking at both the individual and group dynamics. The learner will also be required to research the impact of crime and victimology alongside the history behind and the development of the Human Rights legislation. This area of study also considers the United Nations concept, the classification of Human Rights, Enforcement and the social framework surrounding the Human Rights legislation. Organised Crime and International Human Rights provides a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that will both support and compliment the learners during their decision making, risk assessing and planning. This subject matter is a constant thread that runs throughout all the NISQ Regulated Qualifications giving them a sound grounding in cause, effect and ethical values.